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Estate Investment Service

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One and Only provides not only broker service but also consulting service for real estate investment in Japan.
Our main clients  are Oversea investors like Real  estate fund, Family office, HNW people. We keep fairness for investors even if other brokers deals.
If you are considering any properties, we provide fair advices or services, as our goal is “Exit”.

We are specialist for Japanese hotel deals. We have various type information about  Japanese hotel, city hotel and resort hotel etc…

Our policy is "same boat" together with investors and have same incentive.


Our Service

We believe each hotel has not only one value but various potential values for each investor and at each location.
We provide

  • Property Sourcing(Fair advices for all real estate)

  • Planning for operation and exit

  • Finance Arrangement 

  • Inheritance Measures

  • Underwriting

  • Structure(GK-TK, SPC, etc..)


  • One and Only Ltd.

  • License No. Tokyo (2) 101945

  • Representative Katsuya Sugawara

  • 3-3-6 7F, Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

  • TEL +813-6202-7628  FAX +813-6202-7629

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