​Selected Tokyo Luxury Condominium

This is completely private and Luxury Condominium in Tokyo


Value Add Investment

Private Luxury Condominium in Roppongi


  • 4 bed rooms

  • 186m2

  • Minato-ku Adress

  • 550,000,000yen

  • 2min walk to Roppongi Station

Value Add Investment

Case 3–Studio type residential in Sapporo (Still on going)
Investor type: Family Office

<Reason why we chose?>

  • 31 studio type rooms

  • Near by Sapporo station and Maruyama Park

  • High valuation by bank

  • Less than 1% rate for full finance

<Value Add>

  • Negotiation with sub-lease broker to rent up

  • For next 5 years, expected 20% rent up

  • Security Camera and LED light to rent up

<Expected Return>

  • In 5 years holding period, expected 1.5M profit(3M→4.5%)

  • Target IRR 15%