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  • Sourcing/Return Analysis (Underwriting)

One and Only introduce not only own properties but also third-party’s too if we believe it’s best for investors. Rather existing investors ask us to find best solution for property. We provide highly accurate underwriting service for investors.

  • Finance Arrangement

One and Only does finance arrangement. We have some strong relationship with banks and try to get best finance offer from them.

  • Planning our Exit Strategy

One and Only must provide “Exit Strategy” before purchase. Since it depends on Exit whether real estate investment succeed or not. All investors must have “Exit Strategy” at first to maximize income and capital gain.  And also need value add strategy which means potential return.


  • Investment Structure

We provide the best structure for oversea investors.

Typically, GK-TK(TMK) is  most popular scheme. 



  • Inspection

The most important thing is how we can find potential value for real estate property.
One and Only have sufficient experience and financial knowledge and then can do deep assessment for real estate property. We are finding potential value for each property.



  • Property Management/Value Add

The holding period means investors can add value on property. In this period, we should appropriate maintenance to value up property. 

  • Tax exercise/Family Office

Tax is big factor for real estate investment. We need to consider what’s vehicle best for us.We should select good balance to maximize income and capital gain. Individual or family office hold?
One and Only have much experience in this field and collaborate with accountants who are expert for real estate investment.


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